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Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Bag
Our commitment_x000d_ Product Details_x000d_ Style 625544, dry weight 1000_x000d_ The GG Marmont cosmetic bag is made of black quilted Matelase é leather, which is defined by the iconic double G hardware of the series. It is an archive symbol in the 1970s and has now become the symbol of the brand._..
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Product Details_x000d_ Made of black quilted leather, this small cosmetic bag features an interior elasticated pocket, vanity mirror and zippered closure. The body of the bag is embellished with the iconic double G-shaped accessories of the GG Marmont series, and the brand initials inspired by the a..
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our commitment_x000d_ Product Details_x000d_ Style ‎726047 UM8IG 5909_x000d_ Matelassé leather is the brand's signature material, thanks to its ultra-soft finish. Textured geometric patterns define a collection of small leather accessories, including this pale pink beauty box. Double G hardware acce..
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Product Details_x000d_ The Ophidia collection continues to grow, with refreshed accessories for early spring 2020, including this cosmetic bag in GG Supreme canvas. The cosmetic bag is decorated with the brand's signature red and green web, with internal elastic pockets, vanity mirror and zipper clo..
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our commitment_x000d_ ecological function_x000d_ Product Details_x000d_ Style ‎625550 96IWG 8745_x000d_ Zip cosmetic bag in the Ophidia collection in GG Supreme canvas with brown leather trim. First used in the 1970s, the GG logo is an evolution of the original Gucci rhombus design of the 1930s, and..
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Product Details_x000d_ This zip-up cosmetic bag is crafted in GG Supreme canvas and trimmed with brown leather, adding to the Ophidia collection. The GG logo was used in the 1970s and evolved from the Gucci diamond plaid design that originated in the 1930s. It is one of the iconic patterns that inhe..
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